Fred & Dottie Seals Circle of Service


Fred and Dottie Seals are remembered by thousands as being focused on the efforts to assist young people in becoming better citizens and leaders. They worked to establish the premier leadership program in all of Kiwanis, Weekend Of A Lifetime aka  WOAL. They watched as it grew into a program that has absolutely no doubt made a difference in thousands of young people’s lives. It has been copied but as the saying goes, “often imitated but never duplicated.” Fred and Dottie were a team. You might say they were “joined at the hip” and where one went the other was there also. When Fred became a candidate for Governor-elect and began his campaign, he was first endorsed by Dottie and she was his constant companion. When Fred became governor, there was so much he wanted to accomplish -  especially in the area of youth services. At every turn, Dottie was there with her infectious smile and bubbling with enthusiasm. Sadly, Dottie Seals passed away in January of 2009.  She is missed by many, including Fred who is still an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Norman, OK. 

This award is modeled after the Circle of Service Award presented by CKI. The first recipients, Fred and Dottie, were great supporters of many generations of CKI members. This award is given to a non-CKI member who exemplifies the spirit of service, leadership, and fellowship. 

2022-23 - Dr. Michael Bromberg

2021-22 - John Thielman

2020-21 - not awarded

2019-20 - not awarded

2018-19 - Jarrod McLaughlin

2017-18 - Colleen Biggerstaff

2016-17 - John Miller*

2015-16 - Boyd Sauter

2014-15 - Linda Miller

2013-14 - Scott Kimball

2012-13 - John Miller*

2011-12 -  not awarded

2010-11 - Kelly Wood

2009-10 - Marellie Robinson

2008-09 - John Miller*

2007-08 - Anna Ethridge

2006-07 - Sean Raich

2005-06 - Phil Brooks

2004-05 - Walt Parker

2003-04 - Bill & Carol Powell

2002-03 - Sally Abbott

2001-02 - Alison Jones

​2000-01 - Walter Naff

1999-00 - Betty Douthit

1998-99 - Jack & Shirley McGee

1997-98 - Tricia Sherlin

1996-97 - Bob Singleton

1995-96 - Mike Downs

1994-95 - Fred & Dottie Seals